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Edition - 7500 copies. Volume- 96 pages (А4) Certified by Russian Ministry of Press, TV and Mass Media (№77-12574)

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Every 14 days in "Metallurgical Bulletin" - the latest news about all aspects of the Russian and global metal production and semi-production markets!

In each issue:
Reviews of Russian metal manufacturers and consumers
Incorporating, privatizing, control over works in the industry
The global metal market monitoring
Customs duties and quotas: analysis & commentary
Standard acts and their meaning for the Russian market
State of the metal market in Russia and abroad: tendencies & prospects
Prices on basic metal assortment in Russia
World prices on main semi-production and roll (EU, USA, Turkey, China, Japan and Korea, CIS)
Prices on exports and imports of metal production and raw materials
Quotations of securities and bills in the Russian metal industry
Primary metal news: reviews & commentary
All news on the Russian metal market (up to 150 ones in issue)
Reviews of burning news from overseas markets
Presentation of experts' opinions on the urgent industrial topics
Ratings and "Black List" of traders and enterprises. Technological know-hows. Innovative market technologies and tools. Laws and regulations in the metal industry.
The bulk of our readership is built by major metal manufacturers, traders and exporters of semi-products and billets, metal consumers in the constructing industry, oil and gas complex, machine-building branch and other industries.